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  • Summer Garden

    Summer Garden

    Spring and fall are the seasons with lots of work. Summer lets us enjoy our garden.

  • Autumn in Powsin

    Autumn in Powsin

    Me and my wife visit Powsin Botanical Garden quite often. We went there a few days ago to check if fall foliage started the show. All pictures taken with Canon 75-300mm consumer grade lens and full frame DSLR.

  • Half Moon

    Half Moon

    This is a picture taken on August 5, hand-held at 300mm with image stabilization, ISO 640, 1/320s with wide-open f5.6 aperture. Canon’s consumer 70-300 lens (the most recent version for full-frame DSLR) really delivers. JPEG from the camera, no post-processing. The featured photo is a crop of the above image.

  • Full Moon

    Full Moon

    Early August full moon was shining near my summer home, so I took camera and went out to fields. I was wandering and trying to figure out how to compose the picture. I liked two big trees dominating the scene. I walked around until I found a spot where the tree on the right, which…