Life and profession

My name is Tomasz Błaszczyk, I often go by tombla. Married, two teenage kids, and a dog, I live in Warsaw, Poland.

I was born and raised in Ozorków, Poland. Since I was a kid I knew I wanted to develop software. I studied in my dream field of Computer Science at Warsaw University.

After studies I took a job of technical consultant and pre-sales support for Rational tool set.

In 2001 I moved to US to work at Synopsys on Verilog compiler, VCS. I took over development of temporal assertions language and verification engine, from compilers frontend down to runtime backend. The assertion language evolved from TXP (Temporal eXPpressions), to OVA (Open Vera Assertions) and was standardized as SVA (SystemVerilog Assertions).

I moved back to Poland in 2004 and continued working on SVA as a remote consultant.

In 2009 I helped bootstrap and participated in seed funding round of Codility.

In 2011 Google opened R&D center in Warsaw and I joined the company. I worked on Borglet in Borg Cluster Management, then on periodc job scheduler in Borg. My next challenge was to manage and lead frontend team for Google Cloud: Networking and Kubernetes. My last project at Google was again backed: control plane for Google Cloud.

I left Google in March 2022 and I’ve been enjoying my sabbatical ever since.


Reading is my favorite thing when I’m done working. I read fiction and follow news on computer science, gadgets and geopolitics.

I love photography of architecture and plants.

Sport-wise I’d bike all the time, but with less time I run 5Ks or intervals. Rollerblades in summer and skating in winter.

I walk a lot with my dog, Lucky.

Whenever I can, I spend my time outdoors in my countryside getaway taking care of plants in a wonderful garden we inherited from previous mansion owners.